The Company

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. I’m Tony Thompson and I am the founder and managing Director of the ALM Group of companies based in Newton Aycliffe in North East England.

It seems a long time since I started the business in June 1994 however, the main driving force which convinced me of the opportunity to do something different then, still runs through every aspect of the business today; “the desire to improve the lives of our customers by delivering awesome service”

For some reason, many businesses seem to exist on the basis that it doesn’t matter how badly they treat customers, there will always be another to take their place, a dangerous strategy and perhaps a key reason why more than 18,000 companies go bust every year!

Tony Thompson
Family Business

At ALM, we passionately believe in looking after our customers, so much so that my first customer in 1994 (Rearo Laminates) is still one of our key customers 25 years on.

I didn’t start out to build a family business although the boys have always been a part of it since an early age as you can see from the photos here, I think it was obvious Matthew wouldn’t have a career in painting and decoration and Daniel would always have an aptitude for the technical side of the business!

But that has evolved and both of my sons, Matthew & Daniel play leading roles in the business along with long suffering wife and mum Lesley. As a family business we very aware that, in your eyes, were only as good as our last project and therefore we go above and beyond to make sure your requirements are met and exceeded wherever we can.

ALM Team

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the lives of our customers by delivering awesome service

It’s an easy statement to make but a much harder one to deliver and our constant focus on this is what sets us apart from our competitors. When you’re dealing with family members, our word is something you can trust and believe, if we say we will do it, we will.

One of the ways we achieve this is by controlling every aspect of a project in-house, from initial concept through design, prototype manufacture and testing to final manufacture and delivery. Everything is done in-house at our manufacturing facility in Newton Aycliffe. Were extremely proud of our facility and would welcome the opportunity to show you and your colleagues around.

The business has six unique values which flow through all areas of the business and guide everyone in their decision making process.

No Jerks, No Egos – we are kind, we care deeply and the team always comes first. We see our team as an extension of our family and are proud of our history with them, one has just celebrated 25 years with the business in November 2019 and there are a few more not far behind him.

Customer Delight – we go above and beyond for our customers to put them in a better place. Most business claim to have great customer service but it’s just not in their DNA, at ALM, everything we do is aimed at making your day better.

Problem Solvers – we see every problem as an opportunity and solve them one at a time in pursuit of building something great. It’s a standing joke but we banned the word problem and always replace it with opportunity, no matter what the context, it adds a positive view to a negative situation and helps everyone see things in a brighter light.

Transparent – we are honest, open and direct in all conversations. We truly believe this is the best way to engage our team and you, our customer to build long term relationships.

Ambitious – we dream big. Why not!

Lasting Impressions – we aim to make them great every time

The easiest way to build long term relationships with you is to ensure every dealing you have with us is special, we try really hard to achieve this whether it’s have a proper cup of coffee and a biscuit when you visit, or how we fulfill your project, every detail is as important to us as it is to you.

ALM - Superior Service

Whether it’s having a proper cup of coffee and a biscuit when you visit, or how we fulfill your project, every detail is as important to us as it is to you.

Meet The Team

Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson
Managing Director

Lesley Thompson

Lesley Thompson

Jessica Sedgewick

Jessica Sedgewick
Finance &
Business Operations Manager

Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson
Commercial Director

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson
Production Engineer

Rob Heslop

Rob Heslop
Technical & Design Engineer

Courtney Lowe

Courtney Lowe
Administrative Coordinator

James Gatenby

James Gatenby
Technical Sales Engineer

George & Oscar

George & Oscar
The Office Dogs

Company History


Key Partner Status

By January, over 100 bespoke end of arm tool projects will have been completed in the past twelve months, positioning ALM as a key partner with automation and robotic integrators.


End of Arm Tooling Design


Major Machine Investment

£260,000 investment in Doosan TT1800 SLY twin turret, twin spindle lathe and bar feed providing turning and additional lights out machining capacity.



Major Machine Investment

£90,000 investment in new Doosan DNM Mill Centre.


Doosan Investment 2018


1st EOAT Production

ALM design and develop a modular End of Arm Tool system for robotic arms and commence production


Oil & Gas Sector

ALM builds momentum in the Oil & Gas Sector winning significant orders with Haliburton, Subsea7 and Hunting Energy.



Winner of the Manufacturing Company of the Year Award for Durham and Wearside North East Business Awards.

Manufacturing Award - NE Business


Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson joins the family business aged 17, starting in the machine shop.



ALM gains AS9100 aerospace quality standard accreditation.


Commercial Aerospace

ALM enters commercial aerospace sector supplying machined titanium components.


New Investment

£125,000 investment to build a temperature controlled inspection facility.


Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson joins the family business aged 17, starting off in the machine shop.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ALM gains accreditation to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Lights Out Manufacturing

£120,000 investment in a Fanuc Robodrill and Robot loading arm – first installation in this industry to facilitate lights out manufacturing.


Lights Out Manufacturing


New Opportunities

The Great Recession – ALM looks for new opportunities in growth markets and identifies commercial aerospace and Oil & Gas Sectors as preferred targets.


More Acquisitions

ALM acquires Amech Engineering to consolidate its position as a key supplier of machined aluminium profiles to the transport sector



County Durham Employer of the Year



ALM acquires Spraytech and Industrial Coatings to increase capacity for in-house powder coating of finished work.



Business diversifies to offer sub contract manufacturing of aluminium extruded components



Tony Thompson is chosen as a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.



Best New business County Durham.


Ready, set, go!

ALM Products Limited Incorporated – originally designing manufacturing and distributing architectural hardware throughout the UK and Europe.